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Originally Posted by Zameric View Post
Thanks ^.^

Nice Squad page

Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
Next round is a special round since its the fifth!
--------------------Round 5!--------------------------
Squad 11------------------Vs.------------------Squad 12
Captain Charizard★----------- Captain I like Pokemon (...)
Lieutenant Kamiya-chan-------Lieutenant Rasencero------


Same rules, short recap:
Need 3 votes to win, based on:
1. Zanpakuto
2. Squad specialty
3. Battle chart
Here goes.
1. Zanpakto (I'll pit Captain with Captain, and same for the Lieutenant)
Charizard wins over ILPy. This is because ILPy's powers depends hugely on having to cut the object, but if he cuts Charizard's blade, his scythe will get poisoned. He could slow down the time for the poison to work, but after he reseals his zanpakto, it'll still have the same effect. Unless he targets Charizard himself, but it'll be hard because Charizard doesn't have to have a certain target - he can strike anywhere for the poison effect to take place.

As for bankai, I cannot comment since Charizard has yet to post his/her bankai.

For the Lieutenants... I'm too lazy to read Rasen's zan so it goes to Kamiya Er-hem. Still. Basically, Rasen can control the electricity. The pull/push effect wouldn't be strong enough to block Kamiya's strengthened blade, though. Rasen does have some unique abilities, but they're not really useful against Kamiya. Since both doesn't have a particular advantage to each other, I'll say...a draw.

There you have it.
Squad 11 (1) -- Squad 12 (0)

2. Squad specialty
Okay. Squad 11 mainly focuses on raw power, and Squad 12 on... RnD. You can say that brain outright beats brawn, but it would not always be true for all cases. However, I've known ILPy to be a great strategist though he loses to me in chess and planner, so I'd say he'd be able to predict almost (if not absolutely) correctly what moves his opponent will take next. So..
Squad 11 (1) -- Squad 12 (1)

3. Battle data chart
Holy sh*t, I just noticed Rasen has higher stats than his Captain o.o
Ahh. This is hard to do, since Charizard doesn't have a BDC. And it's weird seeing a Squad 11 member having a 100 Kido stat but lower Stamina than a 12th Squad member. XD I think Rasen's chart is a bit too high, but still. Basing this on the current, Squad 12 wins, since higher intellect and higher offense wins every time.

Squad 11 (1) -- Squad 12 (2)

Squad 12 wins.