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Wasn't this thread just in the BW subforum? XD

Quote originally posted by Miss Doronjo:
In any case...I haven't signed on to dream world yet. @-@;
And I'm sad too; because the abilities are AMAZING. D=
Ugh, my wifi suuucks. >>
...all of them except Durant with Truant. I mean, srsly. At least it makes sense on Slaking (balance and realism). Apparently, the only viable strategy I'm seeing for it is using Entrainment to render the foe's Ability as Truant, though it seems too bothersome to attempt. :x I mean, it couldn't have Flash Fire instead? Intimidate? SOMETHING besides Truant, Stall, Run Away, and Klutz.

Quote originally posted by Sir Skids Nickelton:
I Can't Even Access DW. No Wifi.
I Can't Even Access Unova. No Black/White Gray Version.

Also, I just noticed that Lopmon and Lopunny derive from the same rabbit species. Of all the bunnies in the world, they happen to share the same obscure rabbit species origin. Just wow. And Lopunny's shiny sprite makes it even worse.

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