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Quote originally posted by hand:
I think Durant getting Truant is a pun on the fact that people used to say to lazy people that they should learn from the ever-vigilant ants, or something, hence making that point moot.

Also Prankster is a useful ability when you're having fun t-waving everything faster than you :x
That...seems like a lame pun. It would have been cool for Durant to get something like a "workaholic" ability, such as Vital Spirit or Hustle.

Sorry, I meant the ability Stall in my previous post. :x Of course Prankster is useful; it gives you priority. XD Stall makes you go last, and why would you possibly want that when you're not using moves like Counter, Mirror Coat, and Revenge?

Quote originally posted by TheAngryPidove:
except prankster is really annoying. It's like, oh, I'll switch out on this dude, I'm faster, an OHKO him with a super-effective move and then-WHAM!-prankster t-wave and it's like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! My -insert pokemon here- is paralyzed. Of course this is followed by full parahacks

My gosh; that scenario sounds freaking hilarious. XD Go Sableye and Voltolos.
You mean paraHAXXXXXORUS
Quote originally posted by hiff8:
Ever noticed how ferrowseed cant learn rapid spin, I mean what could he possible doing when hes fighting..
OK, now that is just fail right there. At least the Pokedex inconsistencies can be justified by "being from the perspective of a journeying 10-year-old kid making exaggerations and hyperbole". This is just staring you right in the face.
Not to mention that its Black Pokedex entry adds insult to injury by mentioning "rolling"... -.-
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