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is only game bro
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Well, I don't like a game being in development for a year or more without even a beta for us to play (Like Blue Chrome). It may be a good game, but hey, we're human, and get bored of waiting.

I like Fakemon. Especially evolutions/pre-evos of existing ones. I'm not as big on Eevee evolutions, but I like the idea of Mettaleon.

I don't like crossovers. I see people making Pokemon with final fantasy characters in it. The only game I played that incorporates Final Fantasy into Pokemon perfectly is Super Pokemon Eevee Edition. I like some things, like Harvest Moon features =3

And last, but not least, Giving up on the project. My laptop crashed and I lost Mint Version. but I got off my @$$ and started from scratch, and guess what? It's better than ever now that I've matured a bit more! I actually planned everything out this time, and I won't lose interest.

I hope people read my comment and agree with me!

is only game