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Originally Posted by KingSnivy View Post
Things i like and don't like/bugs:
1 choice, ok. A bug..
xD, I chose one choice because the player character is speaking here, because I don't really like a textbox saying: [PLAYER]: [Insert text here].
This seems more natural, in my opinion.

A map looks cool.. and Suicune under. I like it..
This is changed to Latios right now
Blastoise Lv.5 a Bug at the level and your scripting is cool!
This is a demonstration of the summary, and the graphics particularly.

That mapping.. is weird a little..
Yeah, I know :p
You and your mom are moving, so it doesn't make sense having a house with furniture xD

Good luck, and fix the bugs..
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Answers in bold

I'm using Essentials DS at the moment, and I like it.
The game is getting close to a demo right now, just some re-eventing and copying maps + graphics

Small teasers: