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Originally Posted by Derozio View Post
Ha ha, thanks a lot, assault. And as for the tutorials..umm, not really. I plan on doing one or two soon, though. Just coz some people asked, you know. ;]
Ha ha, yeah, that I did. I guess it took a lot of time to make this stupid gallery, eh?

Thanks a lot, charizard. Your comment was appreciated. <3

You've seen almost all of my works already so I don't think you'd need to visit this thing.

Naah, but seriously, thanks. I'll be sure to try and keep improving. ;]

And yush, update timez:

This tag above ^ has three versions, actually. Check the first post to see 'em. ;]


Well, those are my entries for SoTW and IoTW respectively. :3
Sorry for irrelevance, but L is awesome!
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