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This whole page is making me cringe with all of the lazy reviews. People, the first page states what sort of ratings are not acceptable. "10/10 wow very good best I've ever seen omg" is not going to help ANYONE improve. So let's get some proper reviews out there.

Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
i think this mapp is really good , it apeals and have a nice style there is nothing that i would say that it's bad.
as the poster above mentioned that you will see at the top right the border error no you won;t see it because you can't actually go there its blocked but i lovw this map its a not so big and an good looking map really
10/10 from me:D
here is my map the second atempt to map an city and i think it turned good out well but it can be just me thinking this:D
caution huge map
and please rate this at least
Big straight square for a border contrasting into trees scattered all over the place does not look good. The trees seem just randomly placed to fill up space, and even then there's still a lot of empty space. Particularly in the actual city part of the map. The houses and labs (why so many labs?) Are all too spaced out. The parts at the right and the bottom don't have enough lampposts in comparison to the rest. Sandy paths are really straight and pointless, and the flower and shrub placement is very bad. Again, just scattered carelessly. Also that Gym looks a little lonely down there :\. And the shadows I think are far too big, just like the map. My biggest suggestion would be to make the map much smaller, because big doesn't mean better (except for some things but that's offtopic), so make it smaller and you won't have to scatter things all over the place to fill up empty space. Oh, and sideways stairs don't really work on advance generation hacks :\.

Originally Posted by Anbuja's_BlooDY View Post
it's a really good map it have it own style and flair i don;t think i am seeing some tile errors or something andit seem to have an good playability for the player i give it an 10/10:D
now my map:
credits alistair/Tb pro/and elite charizard
its a forest:D
Again, bigger than it needs to be. You have gotten better with the random tree placement, but the right and the bottom still seem really empty, and will have border errors. Why is there rocks in the forest? They seem pretty pointless, and why you have a gave slapped on to one of the trees is beyond me. Flowers, shrubs, tree trunks, mushrooms, water...they all seem such randomly placed. And the sandy paths have the same problem as your other map. Again, make the map smaller so you won't have to try and scatter stuff everywhere to fill space.

Originally Posted by TehHepticOne View Post
I like this map.. I like the layout of it but I'm honestly having some issues with it... The trees being only connected up and down and not side to side makes it seem like there is a lot of space. Try to connect them sideways... The placement of the trunks, flowers and small trees just seems random =\ Try to make them more organised unless you were purposely aiming for this effect... But overall I like this map.. =P Maybe it's cause of the tall grass and water placement but meh~
Rating: 8.5/10

Time for my maps

Map 1: ROUTE 2
Name: Unnamed as of now...
Game: Based of a Fire red ROM
Comments: I just wanted to see if you guys like my style and if I should continue it or not... =P

Map 2: ROUTE 3
Name: Unnamed as of now (again ==")....
Game: Again, based of a Fire Red ROM
Comments: Obviously the top parts with the dark shadow leads into a forest and below the map will be a beach..

EDIT: Hehehe... My bad... I forgot to edit the top of ROUTE 3 so it's empty atm... =P
Despite being natural styled, I really like these two maps. I don't know what iy is, but I do. Watch out for the sideways steps though.

Originally Posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ View Post

thats the first time ive seen a mountain being used like that, and i noticed the other map you made with the stacked rocks, you make pretty extraordinary maps, which is pretty good, ok so let me review this:

first off, the mountain at the top of the map is too straight, you might want to fix that, the spot with dark water looks kind of weird there, maybe add some more dark spots,(at first i thought it was shading, you could have used it around the bridges so it looks like the ground is on a higher level) and the piece of sand at the water doesn't look right as well, but besides that its a great map and i really liked it because of the bridge, i give this map a 9/10

map name: route 1
rom base: fire red
Hack: pokemon raging fury
comments: at the bottom of the map, there is a forest, and the player goes upward from the forest (forest entrance is those two small flower things)
map: is on attachment.
I can't find the entrance. Or is it the end? The answer depends on how you look at life. Lol but seriously the entrance needs to be more visible. Sandy paths seem too random and straight, and the tree placement is going to look awkward when the player is near the edges. The only other problem I can think of is that it seems to big. Not big and empty, just...big.


Whew, time for a couple o' my own maps now. Let's just hope I get a better rating/review than most of the ones on this page xD.
Also first post in this thread in May.

Map Name: Chroma Town
Map Game: Pokemon ________ edition (fill in the blanks and it can be whatever you want)
Comments: First Town of my hack, Pokemon ________. Player's house at bottom right, rival's house at top left, lab at right, and NPC's house at bottom left. Here you get your first Pokemon, encounter the evil team doing evil stuff, and start of your Pokemon adventure, to become the champion of the Duoso region! Awesome, right? Also the player can't see the sea (lol) or the part at the right, which is why I didn't bother too much there.

Map Name: Route A
Map Game: Pokemon ________
Credits: See above
Comments: Refer to the last time I showed this map. Cba finding it, so don't be lazy like me.
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