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I've finished crossword, I think its VERY easy. Enjoy solving~
Tell your club friends and stuff.

Harry Potter Crossword #1



1. A certain someone who's not allowed to save Harry Potter.
3. Someone that has to do with the Invisibility Cloak.
5. A stick.
7. "It's LeviOsa, not LevioSA."
9. They have something to do with the Dark Lord.


2. If you're a spider, you'll probably be afraid of this.
4. "An obscure branch of magic, but a highly useful one."
6. Big, hairy, 8 legged creature/monster/thing.
8. This spell was mentioned on a fictional British TV show by Shakespeare.
10. He entertains himself by bouncing around in the trophy room.

Note: For answers with 2 or more words, there are NO spaces in between words.
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