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Quote originally posted by Merciless Cremator:
Squad 12 outright destroys Squad 11, so my vote goes to Squad 12.
(Also no, he didn't have to threaten me to make me vote for him,,,cause we all know I can defeat him with trollogic/fanservice/Smile.
And we'll see about that :p
Quote originally posted by Zaspien:

I'm a huge Bleach fan and I follow the Weekly Shounen Jump online every week to catch up with the manga (I watch the anime relatively sporadically and I don't keep up as well with it as I do with the manga). So, I guess I'm the new member here? Hi guys!

Also, Keiri! Thanks minchan.

Welcome to the Bleach Fan Club, Zaspien! I am the Captain of the 12th Squad, I like Pokemon (...) but I also go by ILP/Ilpy/Ilpeh/Aaroniero/Anternero/Ant/Any other nickname you want to call me by.

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