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Yes, this is an intentional double post to keep the page from loading too slowly.

I'll get an index of "Updates" up in the first post ,within the next week or so.


Game1 Update 18: Hagia Sofia! Oh, and an overview.


South Russia.

North Russia.

West Russia.

Got that Aqueduct done... now what else to build here?

A Colosseum looks like what we need with all that unhappiness.

Now that we have ourselves a Monastery, we should build a Monument to put more cultural pressure on Gandhi's young cities.

And there's another wonder for the wonder tally.

Trust me, this will come in handy.

Now let's get that military built up.

End Update 18. 51 turns until we are caught up.

Game 1 Update 19:

What the hell is wrong with you?

Fine... I'll give you what you want... this time.

Got an Archer.

Cultural pressure generation?

I think we'll actually just build another Archer.

And now we have a Colosseum in Moscow.

Let's start pumping out some missionaries.

Let's produce yet another Archer.

And now this is up for vote again. I'll vote for myself even though it's not likely I'll win.

End Update 19. 49 turns left to catch up.

We're slowly catching up.

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