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Originally Posted by Sarcastic Prince View Post
It doesn't differ a lot from the original version.
I'll be changing:
Difficulty of Trainers - Easier (Somehow)

Music - You will not hear the same music track over and over again.
Thanks to SBP, the music now matches every area.
Also, Leaders, Elite Four and Champion will NOT have normal Trainer music.
Instead, they will have suitable music.
Eg. Leaders will have Leader music, Elite Four will have Elite Four music and
Champion will have Champion music.

New PKMN are added. (Gallade, Glaceon, Leafeon, Mamoswine and Rhyperior)
Sadly, GBA Roms can only hold 5 evolution data, so Glaceon and Leafeon can't be evolved with Eevee. Instead, they can be caught in the wild.
Rhydon and Piloswine will evolve into Rhyperior and Mamoswine respectively
when they reach Lv. 55.

Kirlia will be evolve into Gallade when its Attack is higher than its Defense.

New cries are added. Now, almost every Gen 4 and 5 PKMN will have their suitable cries! (Except for the Gen 4 and 5 PKMN in the free 25 slots)

No more Japanese Gen 5 PKMN names! They will all have their English names.

Pokédex Entries are edited! In the original LP, Wesley is too lazy to edit Gen 5
PKMN entries. Well, in the English version, ALL of the Gen 5 PKMN (Except for Gen 5 PKMN in the 25 free slots) will have their corresponding entries inserted!

Name changes will be made to important people and Gym Leaders.
Also, every Trainer will have their own name. Those names
are custom made, and they will not be reused.

Jessica ---> Ariadna
Name origin: Comes from the Biology term, Arachnid.

Lucas ---> Lakie
Name origin: Comes from "lake".

Thomas ---> Auric
Name origin: Comes from "aura".

Terra ----> Mitsis ("Mitz" as the abbreviation)
Name origin: "Land" for Georgian.

Marina ---> Vatten ("Vatt" as the abbreviation)
Name origin: "Water" for Swedish.

Shirley ---> Shirl
Reason for name change: All admins in Team Steam
have custom names (Sheyla, Katyne). Well, Shirley is obviously
NOT a custom name, so I'm going to name her "Shirl" instead.

Rayner ---> Voltige
Name origin: Comes from "volt".

Decapitalization of every single name.
You name it. Towns, people names, PKMN have their names decapitalized.

That's pretty much I'm going to edit LP.
My issue isn't really that you're making changes just that you are making quite a few unnecassary changes. For example the change of Esmeralda to Floria. Esmeralda is a nice name and the fact that she was named after a city adds to her character. Floria is just another generic "sounds-like-a-flower" name that you'd give a grass gym leader. [assuming she's a grass type leader]. Also Rayner to Voltige is another unnecessary change. If I recall correctly Rayner may come from Rayo the spanish word for thunderbolt/beam/lightning. Voltige is just another obvious pun [phonetically it would be pronounced like Voltage < bad pun], not to mention it doesn't even sound like a real name. Some of these names have their roots in spanish and or portuguese and I think, seeing as Wesley is Portuguese [or spanish], those names should remain. What I'm most confused about is why change Terra [from the spanish word for earth/land] to a name with Gorgian roots when Wesley isnt even from Georgia? Same goes for Marina. If you're going to go through with this those 4 names should remain the way they are.
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