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Quote originally posted by Alternative:
Has there ever been some sort of challenge where people can only use Pokemon which are separated by version differences? So you would only be allowed to use Pokemon like Volbeat and Illumise, and Whimsicott and those Pokemon.
While there hasn't been one exclusively for Pokemon that are version exclusive, there has been one called 'The Special Pairs Challenge' which is what you're talking about, with the addition of like Jynx/Magmar/Electabuzz, Weedle/Caterpie, and stuff like that. Some of them can be caught in the same game, they just go together.

I got sort of bored, so I started making my own catalog for all the challenges we've made ever. I've got the year of challenges in one excel document, a short description of each, and which version we're on. Almost all of the 82 challenges we have are either on version 1 or 2, but then we have Anime, Random, and Mononame at 3, Duo and Monocolor on version 4, Trio on version 6, and Nuzlocke, Unevolved/basic, and Gym Leader on their 7th edition!!! Goodness that's a lot or reviving a thread. The current Gym Leader Challenge hasn't even been posted in since March 30th.

Anyways, I'm going to organize them into categories now (like themes in a category, groups ((colors, body type, IQ group, etc.)), user assisted ((ones where another user picks part of your team like the scramble, favorite, moveset, etc.)), character based ((Gym Leader, Anime, Evil Team, etc.))) and then possibly post it in a spoiler here. Do you guys think we should make a thread for an index or something? I'm pretty sure it was talked about once or twice, but I forgot what we decided. It could be helpful for people who participated in like a leg of an Ultimate Challenge in one thread, and then sorta forgot about it, only to want to do the challenge the next time that the thread popped up. They could just go to the index, click a link to one of the original threads, and voila! They can now easily copy-paste their progress!

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