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Originally Posted by Full Metal View Post
Will you also document it and release the info? ( I'm genuinely curious about it X) )
And also, this weekend after I update Bytes And Bits. I would gladly help out in any way I can!
Yeah, of course i'll release documentation to go with it. It'd be a bit daft to release the patch, and then have people try to work it all out for themselves.

Most of the hard work has been completed, with all but one routine working from what I can see, and that shouldn't be too hard to fix. Interestingly, as a side effect of fixing the Unown sprites, I came across how the game generates the Unown, and could theoretically hack that to produce controllable Unown encounters.

What I mean by that is, the hacker can set what Unown s/he wants to appear on a certain map, or even control it with variables/flags. We can FINALLY have proper GSC style Unown controlled by completing those puzzles!
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