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@font-face { font-family: "Cambria"; }p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0cm 0cm 0.0001pt; font-size: 12pt; font-family: "Times New Roman"; }div.Section1 { page: Section1; } Name: Kaito 'Rai' Hirosaki

: Male
: 16

: Angel.

: Rai doesn't care much for his appearance or for that of the other angels. Rai doesn’t care how he looks due to the fact that he had no family and finds more solace in being alone with his own thoughts.

His wing span is of quite large length although they still fold against his back, and he can pass for a human, his wings are also black as night, which is why most people called him Crow, and bad child for most of his life, making him cold and ruthless, which explains his very hardened demeanor.

Now, for his facial features, Rai has a pretty scruffy look, at least for his standards. His hair, reaches to his shoulder, and it is the same exact color as his wings, dark black. He wears the hair down to his shoulders because his neck has various slash scars from when some tried to cut off his neck.

Rai stands at six foot one with your general soccer player stature (somewhat buff but not too big) but not hulk big body build, you can usually find Rai in a black shirt or white tanktop - some looking brand spanking new, while others are filled with blood stains and whatnot. Living in the where he lives and in his situation, bad clothes are the least of his worries. Continuing downwards, he wears faded dark blue jeans to navy blie sweatpants. It's hard for him to wear comfortable things and relax, so he is mostly in his jeans.

Rai cannot wear sneakers due to the way he lives excluding basketball sneakers, so he is only seen wearing navy blue and black Jordans, and black And1’s.

: Rai doesn’t like talking to people. He is depressed as no one his race likes him besides a select few, he spends a large amount of his time fighting with plenty of other people which has sharpened his fighting skills to a point. He has anger issues but it won’t be noticed until he has stockpiled a large amount of anger and needs to release it. But, he does have reconnaissance skills because he likes listening.

Rai’s personality came from the years of ridicule and insult he went through due to the angels filing him a reject due to the fact that both his parents had white wings, and his were black. Eventually, the years of attempts on his life made him think on his toes, and he is a master tactician, although his plans rely on recklessness and some luck. This skill allowed Rai to live alone, and to fend for himself for years.

He has had a few friends of his race, but those had parent’s or one or another person who pushed them away from Rai. He usually hangs by himself and comes off to most as a loner. Some people insulted him, tried to kill him, some tried to take his wings, and others find him as a freak of nature and want to study him. Rai didn’t care about those who degraded him for pleasure, only attacked out of self-defense, and he listened and learned.

Element: Darkness/ Void.

RP Sample

Pokemon Black And White:

After strolling around the town for a short while, Lance and Pidove went along the seaside trail heading towards the next town on their adventure. Figuring that working too hard to get to the next town would be too tedious, the duo decided to take a rest, watching their surroundings change as day gradually transformed into evening. The multicolored sunset was a sight to see, and it was mostly quiet with the exception of the sounds of the forest pokemon.

The two were taking a break near a clearing that the duo recently found in the forest, and Lance closed his eyes just to wake up a few moments later with water squirted in his face, and as he was about to retaliate when he remembered that his pokemon was naive and he decided to relax, but when he opened his eyes in a few moments he saw Pidove picking at a tree with his beak. As he realized that it couldn't have been Pidove that had hit him, he spun around to find a small white pokemon standing near a lake that was about six feet from him.

The pokemon was an Oshawott, the Oshawott was very small about the size of Pidove, but it packed a certain energy into that small body. The pokemon stood on two legs which could obviously barely support it. It had averagely proportioned arms, which it had crossed over its chest. The Oshawott was looking at him mischeviously. Once Lance looked Oshawott began showing off its water gun skills, and it was an effort to anger Lance at the prank that was pulled.

Lance remembered some facts on the pokemon that he read about while walking on Route 1 trying to get acquainted with his new possesions. Oshawott was a starter pokemon, very rare and very hard to get, as far as his knowledge knows, the pokemon is nearly endangered.

The pokemon in front of Lance was very cocky, because there were two generic pokemon reactions upon meeting a human:

a) ran away out of fear, or b) attacked. This Oshawott was shooting some more water in his face, smirking at him almost as if challenging him.

"So, you wanna tussle? Is that what you want?" the Pokemon got asked. It came out of his habitat and went to Lance , waiting for him to make the first move. Lance called Pidove to his side as he smiled do.

"Pidove, are you ready for your first battle?" Lance asked. Suddenly, Pidove changed from an innocent bird type pokemon to a fierce predator just from its demeanor. Meanwhile, the Oshawott had jumped back getting into a position in which it would be closer to the water.

Lance said, "Choosing your strengths. Hm, it makes sense."

Then almost immediately, he shouted "Pidove use Gust!" He didn't feel the need to hold back because, well, this was a test run.

Pidove began flapping its wings and began hovering, while blowing intense winds at Oshawott. Oshawott then shot back with a torrent of water, being the pokemon that it was.

Oshawott then jumped out and rammed Pidove, knocking it out of the air and to the ground. Pidove then quickly got up and then without warning turned red. Pidove rose off of the ground in it's red form and at lightning speed rammed Oshawott, and that knocked Oshawott way off balance.

Lance leaped backward in surprise at the fact that Pidove could attack like that, and the attack must've been Brave Bird, but he was still dumbfounded at the sheer power of the attack, but then he saw the one drawback. Pidove suffered some damage too, and was struggling to shake it off.

Oshawott quickly ran in, and tried using another water gun. But then Pidove used another Gust, and it knocked Oshawott off balance and into a tree.

But, Lance remembered that flying damage was light on water pokemon. Oshawott, already annoyed that this battle had gone on as long as it has then came to ram or tackle Pidove.

"Pidove, please try and manage another Brave Bird, this is probably the end!" Lance ordered. Pidove suddenly lit up red, levitated in the air and quickly soared and hit Oshawott.

This attack seemed to be the table turner for Lance and Pidove. It seemed barely able to stand, trying not to fall forward, but back into the water. Lance said, "You have talent, when you come with me, then you'll become one of the best ever!" he said into the air as he threw the Pokeball at Oshawott. The ball opened, releasing a red beam that turned Oshawott into white energy, and then compressed itself, before retreating back into the ball as it clicked shut. Oshawott was still trying to get out of the Pokeball, and was resisting the ball, causing it to shake a bit.

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