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Quote originally posted by brane:
What are the guidelines around using Action Replay?

I only use it for a few reasons, one would be to quickly train my Pokemon to level 100 rather then taking a longer time. Another is also to hatch my eggs extremely quickly.

But what are the rules around using it to create Pokemon? Because I know there aren't too many prior generation Pokemon available in Black and White, so I use this to build my team but I'm not sure if that's against online play or just shunned upon? I remember reading something about it and that rules still apply even if the Pokemon has 'legit' stats.

So what are the restrictions on using Action Replay for team building for online play?
You cannot go over the limit of 510 Ev's and your Pokemon must only have the correct stats. I.e Your Charizard cannot have 999 Special attack. Just make them according to min/max stats and such on Serebii.

Quote originally posted by ltsang:
I think this section is forbidden to talk about action replay. Just enter the code and follow instruction. You don't need no guide lines.

In the white pokemon. What is the legend called there? On the front cover.
That's just for code's. \: Anyway, if you're on about White version; it's Zekrom, Black version; Reshiram. <:
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