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Originally Posted by Kaori View Post

For speed, any water/sea route would do fine. Basculin gives 2 Speed EVs and usually the best way to EV train in that stat. If your Pokémon is at a low level, I'd suggest surfing the area in Striaton City for Basculin, as they are usually around their 10-13's if I remember so correctly.

As for Defense, Sewaddle or Venipede should do. They only give 1 pt each but they're pretty easy to come upon. They are located in Pinwheel Forest.

Hope this helps.
Wow, thanks. I am about to start EV training for the first time. All my Pokemon are around the level 50s. I want to face Alder--well, first, the OVERPOWERED LVL 75 Elite 4...then Alder.

Edit: What's so special about Shinies other than they are...rare. And...color changed?

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