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Quote originally posted by elarmasecreta:
I'm still helping you out, you just tell me what you need me to do.
Done PMd

Quote originally posted by Ces soirees-la:
Alistair released various tree shadows with the tile set that those are located on.
I saw them and they are in the new map(s)


Here is a small update. I've been working a lot in RMXP to get some progress done but I'm having some trouble getting a lot done because I am focusing a lot on the last few weeks of my senior year. It's almost done, so I have more time here and there which is good. Anywho, i was wondering how much (time-wise) do you guys think is enough to release a Beta? I don't want to rush anything, I'm just curious.
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Blow the candles out,

Looks like a solo tonight,

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