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It could potentially happen when the series is about to die.

If the series goes on a decline then why not release a game with everyone's favourite regions? A lot of old fans will come back for nostalgia and potentially buy future games after they rekindle their love of pokemon.

To some counter some of the issues made -

When pokemon all hit level 100 halfway through - Quite simple really, reset pokemon each region but get the ability to export pokemon over to any region when you defeat every pokemon league. Obviously if you have lv100 pokemon and have completed all the pokemon leagues then it may get a boring so, it could be set out as an MMORPG with a hell of a lot more to do with other players online. All the little sidetracks/minigames in every region would be in anyway to extend playtime a bit.

Memory - Admittedly this would be a huge problem so the game might have to be on a home console which would drag it even further from the normal formula. Then again, if the series was going to die, it would be worth risking. Considering there are probably a good few gens left in pokémon anyway, it is likely there will be a few handheld generations too so by then maybe it will possible.

Just my little ideas. I wouldn't support an all-region game now though.