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Originally Posted by Alomar View Post
how do you suppose about making a town in a valley less square when you have to enter from the top and the map enters from the bottom?
That's your problem. Nobody says you have to enter the town from the top, you made it that way. By changing the entry of the town to the bottom, or making the bottom area into a valley as well so you don't have to go all the way around, you can easily get around the sqaureness. Like so:

Ignore all the tile errors, because it's an example map (and i got bored filling in the middle). Focus on the shape and stuff. Anyway, instead of having a giant square thing the way it is, you can come in from the bottom already in the valley. And then some stuff happens. See the way it keeps the same idea and the same exits, etc. but still lessens on the sqaureness? oh, and i added some nice flowers, too. :P

Also, who would put a town in a circular ditch like that? I suppose that puts a new spin on 'living in a hole'...

Originally Posted by ΣŁ1ŦΣ CHΛRIΖΛЯĐ View Post
like quilava's master said, the map is too square, the mountain should have a real mountain like form, not all straight, and your tree placement should be more random,if you want to map more natural anyway, and the flowers look weird in a straight line, and the road leading to the bottom seems kinda dull, try to make it so the player will not get bored of following a straight path, add some trees or rocks blocking the way or something, 6/10

map name: none
rom base: fire red
hack: pokemon raging fury
comments: it's kinda big, but there are a lot of things that are going to happen in this map.
It's a nice map; a pretty cool idea which is executed in a nice manner. However, I have to say, the city area is boring. The four houses in the bottom-ish area are identically placed in the most boring grid ever. It's not really a problem, but it's boring. haha. Oh, and why do houses have the little sand patch in front of them? It's a nice touch, but it's a city. With city path. There shouldn't be patches of worn-out grass (because that's what they are) in front of a city home, really. 'specially not with all the roads and fences that make it somewhat of a big city.

The beach is pretty cool, but if it's a port (which it should be, by the looks of the boats), why are there all these rocks and ledges over the beach? In a proper beach they'd be cleared out. They look like you're just trying to fill space (which could easily be done by just thinning the beach).

Other than that, it's a good map. Nice and solid, if only that.
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