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Quote originally posted by KingSnivy:
When will the beta release??
I don't know that yet.

Quote originally posted by fallkitten:
Komatana is a japan name of pawniard. ( I still can't learn english names of some pokemon from the Unowa region)
Yep, they are cutted sprites and they won't look as pixeled, like the HGSS BackSprites.

Quote originally posted by pooch:
This game is retarded. What ticks me off is how you're so lazy as to just rip the sprites from the official games. Show some originality and stop stealing. And don't get me started on the names you come up with. I mean seriously, Atlantica? Pack up your stupid and pointless idea of a "game," if you can really go so far as to call it that, and get the hell out of here
Sorry, but I just started and I'm doing everything alone, except for Spriting. This is just a Demo release, not a Final Version.

And if you think my game is retarded and I should get the hell out of here, sorry, but a game doesn't need to have only custom sprites and
stuff. This is a Pokémon game, there are 649+ official sprites in this game, and in most other Fan-Games too, and do you hear anybody complaining? I sure don't.

Quote originally posted by flamemaster:
waoh... dude, you need to be less harsh, i mean seriously, he just started, everybody rips the stuff from official games when they start. yes he should use custom overworlds and such, but its really hard to get those together, just wait and im sure that he will make custom trainer sprites.
although i admit, the name "atlantica" does suck, and needs to be changed right now.
Ok, thanks for the feedback on the name Atlantica