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I'm always using DeSmuME, because it's more up to date than what No$GBA is, No$GBA is outdated and has been discontinued as of 2008. DeSmuME has already passed the boundries of No$GBA since 2009. I've heard some rumors that DeSmuME 0.9.7 has fixed the issue with HeartGold and SoulSilver slowing down and freezing, now that shows... Anti-Piracy thingy really is just a code that an Emulator or Flashcard hasn't gotten to read properly yet (like the EXP problem in Black/White). I'm sure Nintendo only updates to use codings that haven't been used yet on a DS.
Originally Posted by Pokemon Master Derrville View Post
dESMUME seems to have better graphics and way better sound but the game play is so slow.. I get trying to create the best compatibility out there but whats the point?

The most important part of any game rather its store bought or not is the abiity to PLAY THE GAME. Des works good on some games but I prefer No$zoomer/GBA for its speed.
Try going to Tools > Emulation Options in DeSmuME and unselect the "Advanced Bus Timer", it's always turned on by default and is what usually lags DeSmuME.
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