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Quote originally posted by Palkiacatcher:
I have alot to many to count!

I'll give you a full list tomorrow kay??

I have to go but I might be able to sneak a little time on tonight...

hehe. Otherwise, see you tomorrow!

I got your pm and responded!!
Quote originally posted by 1DarkraiMaster:
nooo haha,. i have a pokepark pichu legit for your magmar event
What is my magmar please??
Quote originally posted by johnny18:
I can offer you a regular Ev'd Stanler or Torkoal in my HG game. Just want you to know that their IV may not really good.
I could for the torkoal!!
Quote originally posted by mikhaild:
sorry. i received your message late.
It's alright, the 2 are females and the raichu is male!!
Quote originally posted by Chandler612:
i would like your Croagunk lv22 Gentle that is in box 11 i can offer you a bred taillow that knows braved bird aerial ace fly and growl. i dont really know what to give you i really want that croagunk thank you

Can you please tell me which croagunk that is please??

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