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Originally Posted by Black_Flames View Post
Hi all,
I wanted to know if any1 can release pokemon fire red hack with 649 pokedex.
im not really good with ASM or HEX.
Ill give credit in my hack.
First of all, this really isn't the place to ask for this. Careful or you'll get yourself into trouble with the mods. Secondly, the patch is NOT complete for any rom yet, and probably won't be for a while yet.

Originally Posted by Derlo View Post
Since you brought up the subject of 'new evolution' in 3rd gen...

You could try to make the orignal DN evolution system, was based on new D/N systems that were released for FR.

It would be very helpful for all.
What? The level up Eevee with full happiness at Day/Night to get Espeon and Umbreon? I have put it in
Goes without saying that the rom needs the RTC for it to work though, otherwise it'll always try to evolve to Umbreon, as the routine will check the RTC time, which will be set to 0, and interpret that as night time.
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