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Thanks for the congrats on Elgyem! I'm at 505 Litwick now (I know, not many! I can't start complaining yet. ). I really like this idea of counting, since it gives me a good idea of how long I've been at it. I'm probably going to start counting future hunts, and I might even resume counting on Drifloon.

Originally Posted by Chr. Draco View Post
found an intesresting and mysterious pokemon:

Its form explains everything.
Haha, that's awesome. Its form really does explain your reaction! :D

Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
"lol" I never thought of it that way, but you're absolutely right! And the quality is just perfect for this type of thing. :cer_wink:

Originally Posted by vagrantwanderer View Post
YEEEESSSSSS!!! HAHAHHAHAHAA!!!! Finally! Shiny Oshawott is miiiiiiiiinnnneeeeee!!!!
Congratulations! Now we have all of the Unova starters!

Originally Posted by Razer302 View Post
After my baby was born last friday I have been off work so was hoping for some shiny hunting. Bt my work decided to fire me instead so I have been to busy trying to find a new job so I can stay living in the house so personal life has really got ontop of me right now. Should be back up hunting soon. Want my shiny bird trio asap.
Congratulations on the baby! That's wonderful.

I'm really sorry to hear about your job. I really hope you can find one soon!

Originally Posted by TheGr8 View Post
Shiny Elekid
Congratulations! You have your dream Pokemon now, and now you understand how awesome shiny hunting is.

Originally Posted by Haunter Master View Post
Hi everyone. I'm an old member of the SHC from 2006. I haven't done any hunting recently, and my last notable shiny was the Dialga I SR'd for all those years ago.

I want to start hunting again, so I'm going for the Masuda Method, I just need a foreign Ditto

Other than that, I found a shiny Patrat one a Japanese translated ROM on my R4 a while ago(obviously before it came out in the US). I was going to try to SR for a shiny Zekrom in my White version, but Dialga took over 10,000 SR's so I don't want to do that again lol.
Welcome back!!! I'm glad to see that you want to get hunting again!

Don't worry about Zekrom - he can't be shiny anyways. It's programmed so that Zekrom, Reshiram, and Victini will never be shiny.

Congrats on the Patrat, although we can't count it for the Dex. We don't discuss cheats here, but you're alright since you just mentioned it in passing in your first post.

EDIT: Ninja'd!

Originally Posted by MetalMario View Post
If only ryan, Demoonica, or some of the other oldguys would come back...
I'm working on it! Give me a little more time and I might be able to get some of the all-time legends back! *SHC Recruiter* *in negotiations*
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