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Quote originally posted by G-Money:
Welcome back!!! I'm glad to see that you want to get hunting again!

Don't worry about Zekrom - he can't be shiny anyways. It's programmed so that Zekrom, Reshiram, and Victini will never be shiny.

Congrats on the Patrat, although we can't count it for the Dex. We don't discuss cheats here, but you're alright since you just mentioned it in passing in your first post.
I assure you, I have never ever used a cheating device to obtain a shiny Pokemon. And I understand how you cannot count it, it being a ROM and all.

And I was wondering wether it could be or not, because I knew Victini can't be shiny because it's an event. But it's good to know that there can't really be shiny Zekrom/Reshiram.

EDIT: Hey MM! I haven't talked to Ryan in years! Lol! No matter, we only ever talked about Scrubs, and never really talked about hunting.
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