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Judging by a post of mine from February and another post where I mentioned how many hours I spent on Drifloon, I can say that I've done at least 4096 SRs for Drifloon. And that's as of March 20th, "lol." Maybe multiply that by 10 to get where I am now...

Originally Posted by rustymenon View Post
I'd like to join.
I just love shinies even though I don't have a single one.

Can anyone tell me what is the masuda method?
Welcome to the club! What shiny are you thinking about hunting first?

The Masuda Method is when you breed two Pokemon from different countries, and your egg has a 1/1366 chance of producing a shiny in Black and White. If you're doing it in the 4th generation, the chance is 1/2048, and you can't pass down natures with an Everstone.

EDIT: I should be synching for a Modest Litwick, right? +SpAtk -Atk seems pretty good, since all of Chandelure's good moves are special.

EDIT II: Chr. Draco, I just realized that your shiny Unown counts for May Mystery! It looks like you're in the lead for this month's contest.
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