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Quote originally posted by Liquid Halo:
So I can not help but wonder something.
I recently restarted my Emerald and am trying for a shiny treeko. I have been hard resetting which is just using the power switch because yesterday when I started the task I realized that the soft resetting button combination 'Start + Select + Left + Right', does not work on Gameboy Advanced games in the DS.

So what I want to know is, hard resetting would still work wouldn't it? I always hear people talk about soft resetting when talking about shiny hunting and I know I have achieved female starters via hard resetting but I can't help but wonder if it is ok for shinies too.
Pressing L, R, Start & Select should soft reset your game, I just tested it, maybe one of your buttons is faulty or something. \:

Anyway, I think HR is still an option, SR'ing is just faster and easier.
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