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Quote originally posted by johnny18:
Then, I will trade it to you and you can clone it and trade it back to me.
after that we can trade the TRUTH gyarados in the 5th game, how does that sound?
I'm really sorry if I ask too much of you T_T
No bother at all!! Give me a bit, will be back possible on Monday, ALOT to do and a new game to finish, every one should know how that is!!
Quote originally posted by Dr Alex:
hey RNC it is nice to see that you have the shop back up! i was wondering if we could try to trade the sceptile again, i may have fixed my wifi.

and in addition to the sceptile, im interested in this

Shiny Yanmega lv100 Modest Checked
HP 313
Atk. 169
Def. 235
Sp. Atk. 363
Sp. Def. 147
Spd. 262

Moves: Protect, Bug Buzz, Air Slash, Hidden Power

I can offer an EVd lucario, jolly
and EVd Cresselia, Careful, or an EVd Mamoswine, Jolly
If you did and got a trade done with some one else, do let me know please??
Quote originally posted by Chandler612:
the shiny diamond fc one, but i just realized all my good pokes are on white so i dont mean too bother u , but if we do decide to trade would u transfer it?
Those shinys are only for the give away for nothing on Sundays, Sorry and I cannot trade them to B / W !!
Quote originally posted by GAM3NURD:
Well there a lot I would like to talk to u about but you have a few Ev'ed pokes that I would like to try an get so let me know if you need any of these.

Alert to sounds.inner focus
stone edge,hi jump kick,u-turn,fake out

Breloom(Jolly)Scatters things often,Poison Heal
Mach Punch,Leech Seed,Focus Punch,Spore

Ferrothron(Relaxed)Likes to thrash about,Iron Barbs
Power Whip,Protect,Leech Seed,Spikes
Sorry I am doing nothing with my B / W games until I figure our how to use my AR for cloning, if you can help, do PM me please??

Quote originally posted by Victory!:
You're stores back! AWESOME!
Thanks for that!!
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