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I GOT SHINY LITWICK!!!! :cer_boogie:


So I woke up this morning (actually afternoon, "lol"), and I started encountering Litwick while reading through forums I've posted in. Since I was reading online, I wasn't using the stylus to run from each battle, and I was using the D-pad to scroll down to run and press A, rather than my normal method of using the stylus to run immediately. And I'm really glad I was!!! I had already scrolled down to run and was ready to press A when I looked down, and SHINY LITWICK!!!! Haha, if it were 10 minutes later I would've already ran.

They really look much better than in the pictures. I noticed this with Treecko, too - online, the sprites don't look much different, but it's a striking contrast when you see it! *shiny sense activated*

She shone on encounter 610, which is by far my shortest hunt to date! I really wasn't expecting a shiny for another few months, "lol." That's 2 shinies in 6810 encounters - I love Unova!!

Fufu, I'm catching up! I only need 55 more shinies to pass you now, so watch out! :cer_giggle:

I've completed the first leg of the circuit! Only 4 more to go!

Quote originally posted by Latios Master:
I prefer Timid (+Spe, -Atk), but Modest is good too.
Thanks! I was planning on Synching, but I started hunting as soon as I got up and completely forgot about it, "lol." She has a Hasty nature (+Spe, -Def, which is pretty close to what you suggested, so I'm happy. Also, a lot of physical moves are Normal or Fighting, so I'm not worried about the drop in Defense.

Quote originally posted by Chr. Draco:
You'll get one soon, and you know, there's also coffee for long hunting nights (just kidding).
Haha, thanks. I didn't really believe you when you said that (since I just got one!), but you were right!

For your shiny, I'll guess...Mightyena? *looks at your sig*

Quote originally posted by rustymenon:
Thanks for the info! I'm thinking about starting with the easier ones, like,say, the starters?
Yeah, the starters are a good group to hunt Masuda. Magikarp and Croagunk also hatch extremely quickly, and I think those two would be a little easier than the starters, but not by much. The baby Pokemon hatch pretty quickly too, but I can't find the exact list of egg steps right now. :/

Quote originally posted by PokeTrainer87:
Wish me luck
Good luck!
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