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Originally Posted by Drayano View Post
Well when I actually get around to it, there's gonna be two versions - Main and Clean. Main is just Regular and Legendary in one, basically (aka legendary).

To answer your question, I'm from Cardiff, so I'm pretty close to wherever you are.

As for making a website, it seems too much effort for something like this D: Glad to see it's working at last though


Updated with a bugfix, changed one or two things I wanted to do as well.

* Level-up moves should now be working correctly again.
* Ditto should now have Imposter at 100% chance, Gyarados has Moxie.
* Gothita line now have Magic Bounce instead of Magic Guard.
* Second round E4 rosters have been switched around a bit.


Also i cant get my Ar codes on it Can you help me? im relly stuck and cant get it working

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