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Okay, i haven't been able to do much on my Jungle Book run through because of schoolwork and other reasons, so far I've delivered Oak's parcel with my LVL8 Bulbasaur called Xilfer.

Edit: Ok, I've gone farther than that now.

-Obtained Teachy TV
-Headed out for Viridian Forest
-Captured Weedle, nicknamed Shiny
-Killed all trainers while training Shiny
-Occasionally leveling Xilfer up too
-Shiny evolved into Kakuna
-Headed out of Viridian Forest
-Fought a little, Shiny evolved into Beedrill
-Fought a little more
-Went to face the Gym
-Kicked the A.S.S out of Brock with just Vine Whip
-Obtained Running Shoes and headed out to the next route
-Fought trainers, Xilfer lvl14, Shiny lvl13
-Caught Mankey! Nicknamed Xyrin
-Went to route 4 Pokecenter and healed up.
-Xilfer: Level 14
-Shiny: Level 13
-Xyrin: Level 7
-Gonna start training soon.