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The text doesn't go well with the game. It makes it seem like a different sort of RPG. I woudl consider changing it to a previous Pokemon text, because those suit this style of game very well (especially since it's Pokemon...)
It should have the pokemon fonts already... did you try installing the fonts?

The mother does seem short, however. I'd consider making her taller than the player, or the same height. She's like 5 pixels shorter, which is bothering me a lot.
I've been taller than my mom for quite some time, and it hasn't bothered me one bit haha. (don't worry... you don't see her much)

The second set of stairs on the mountaint path is messed up a bit. I accidentally hit the wrong tile (the tile above the staircase) and went up and then was pushed back down. Make it so it's a face-left event only. :)
Fixed :)

I'd consider putting lighted-up windows on the other houses in Hazelseed Town. It's odd that your's is lighted up and the other two aren't
The houses that are locked at night (which means they aren't important to the story) will not light up, because people will be sleeping. (one house in the first town is still open at night... i forgot to fix it :[)

Could you possibly have a little gateway leading to the grove? Rather than you enter and then exit immediately. Maybe something like Oreburgh gate, but with no pokemon, and smaller. :D
When i can make a cave tileset, i will do that :)
When you check the Water Pokemon, Darpole, the screen is a light red with its picture on it, rather than transparent and his picture on it. :)
Fixed :)

Why is it that when you get your Pokemon, you're right by the door, rather than in front of the lab equipment like usual. It seems really odd.
Uh... I feel like this shouldn't matter at all lol. Sorry, but i see no point in changing it :x
When you get into a battle, your little animation across the screen looks weird. You don't have a waist!. I would either fix that, or change the battle screen text box. It looks really odd without a waist. :P
I know XD I wanted to fix it before the demo, but idk how to take the sliding out of the script. It will be fixed in version 2 hopefully!

Maybe make the wild pokemon on Route 1a a little weaker. Level 2 and 3 by chance?
In version 2 i may edit the levels, because i totally agree (i was never good at setting levels -.-)

i was able to go to the Gym without even a Pokemon
Really... How is that possible... there's no way of getting to the gym leader without needing a pokemon. Can you explain this more?

Thanks for the feedback guys! Here's the fixed version!