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Turquoise Bay it is!

So it should be noted that I'm dropping the CSS and the formality for updates. Why? Laziness, and it might encourage me to update more and make it feel less forced.

I've also went with 'collages' for the screenshots. Maybe this is better? You tell me.

Oh man, you can do things in Turquoise Bay. There's a trade available (this won't be very helpful for this gym), you can get some freebies from a sailor who lost to the local gym leader, and even listen to some sailor stories. Good times!

Wait, so how do we get into the gym?

Looks like the local cook needs help with a few sailors! After winning three consecutive battles (with healing inbetween), the cook will promise to open his diner in a while, and you'll gain access to the first gym. Not to mention a reward!

So while this update seemed small, I've been just trying to progress things further a bit and polish up a few things. Expect some changes maybe!

Thus, next time...

The Turquoise Bay gym!
And yes I took that screenshot before doing the diner event, sue me.

Cheers for more, faster updates in the future.
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