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Time for another update

I've modified the main post so take a look at the top of page 1.
For example storyline -part has been changed quite a lot.

While at it, I decided to take a picture of the triggered script in the university.
It's of the place where you're called to go in the beginning of the game.

Quote originally posted by Tykian:
Heh, enjoyed the tour you put up. I know you said you wouldn't... however if it doesn't require a lot of effort i'd love to see another release. I enjoyed the evening I spent with and correcting the first demo, though I'm pretty sure with all the videos I've seen(and assuming thats not everything) you'd kill me before the list was half made.
Just wait patiently, another release will be up as soon as it's time for it.
I won't release it now because I'm planning on getting a little further before doing so but it's not going to take till 2012 or so
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