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Originally Posted by Xilfer123 View Post
You can start wherever you like. As long as you get your assigned Pokemon to its full evolution (if any) and get it to LVL100 in each region.

institutions, you get:

Kanto: Drowzee
Johto: Rhyhorn
Hoenn: Geodude
Sinnoh: Buizel
Unova: Drilbur.

Tell me if you need a redraw for anything, but it's ONLY ONCE!
Ooh, I love Hypno
This will be somewhat difficult, too, since I can only get Drowzee right before the 3rd gym.
I like it.

The only thing i'm concerned about is that in the rules it says I must evolve my pokemon to it's final form. I don't think I can get Graveler to evolve into Golem in Hoenn. I'll be playing on an emulator for all of these except Unova.

Anyways, I'll be starting right after I finish eating my pizza :D

Update 1:
Start -> Lt. Surge


-Picked Bulbasaur as starter, since I have to battle 2 gyms with him before I can get Drowzee, and bulbasaur is super-effective against both of them.
-Rushed through the beginning fighting every trainer.
-Defeated Brock.
-Avoided as many trainers as possible on the next route and in Mt. Moon so I could come back with Drowzee for the little exp.
-Defeated Misty.
-Got my ass handed to me by BLUE on Nugget Bridge. His Pidgeotto used a ton of Sand-Attacks on me then proceeded to Gust me to death. I got him next time though.
-Rushed to Bill's avoiding as many trainers as possible.
-Also avoided trainers on the way to Vermilion.
-Caught level 13 Drowzee in the route to the right of Vermilion. Nicknamed him Sleep, for some reason.
-Went back and trained Sleep a little, then took care of the rest of the trainers on the way to Bill's and Vermilion for the extra exp.
-Easily defeated everything on the SS Anne with Confusion.
-Sleep evolved into a Hypno somewhere on the SS Anne.
-Got cut, went back and fought all the trainers on the way to and in Mt. Moon. Not much exp to be had, but I did level up once.
-Taught Sleep TM 08, Body Slam, instead of Headbutt.
-Entered Lt. Surges gym, defeated the trainers, used savestates to make sure I beat the puzzle on the first try.
-Defeated Lt. Surge. Body Slam OHKO'd all of his Pokemon.

Lvl 32
-Body Slam

This update was a small one because I didn't want to detail everything that happened before I even got Sleep.
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