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Originally Posted by k-van View Post
Can you not read? That is all in the last post.
There was no reason to be rude at all because he's absolutely correct. You don't have all of that information in that post. You have items listed for two of the Pokémon (P-Z & Dusknoir), you're missing the ability for P-Z/Gallade/Dusknoir (tho i think he only has pressure) and you're missing Ferrothorn entirely.

P-Z's EV spread is not optimal; the max amount of points for a stat you can get is 252 so putting 255 in each actually wastes one stat point you can put in HP or something. It also really sucks without STAB, especially if you have Adaptability. Plus it's too slow to actually be able to make use of Expert Belt. Run Choice Specs + Tri Attack/Hidden Power (Ground/Fighting)/Dark Pulse/Ice Beam.

The only reason to use Gallade this gen is its Bulk Up set; run 252hp/252spD Adamant @ Bulk Up/Drain Punch/(Ice Punch/Stone Edge)/Shadow Sneak. Leaf Blade sucks and EQ gives godawful coverage with CC. Don't use an outclassed version of like every other Fighting-type if you're not going to abuse its good qualities, aka solid SpD and Shadow Sneak.

Dusknoir likewise sucks this gen but if you're determined to run it you should actually use a viable spread, aka 252hp/28atk/228def @ lefties. Moveset looks alright tho, might wanna use Fire Punch > Shadow Sneak for crap like Ferrothorn and Scizor and the fact that Noir's Shadow Sneak is weak as hell but eh, whatever.

Sharpedo would rather make use of its decent mixed attacking stats and the fact that it doesn't have to invest in much speed because of Speed Boost. Run Crunch/Hydro Pump/(Hidden Power (Fire)/Ice Beam)/Protect @ Mild Nature, 148atk/252spA/108spe. After two Speed Boosts, 'Pedo outruns +Speed Deoxys-S and Jolly ScarfChomp.

I'm assuming Politoed is the standard Specs set since that is the moveset but you should run those EVs in Speed, not SpD. At worst, run them in HP to maximize overall bulk.