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Quote originally posted by sonic1:
It is? Well, i'm not sure, but the command doanimation uses a word as parameter, not a byte. But i'm not sure, as there can be a table or something...

It is a table it is at 081D96AC. And it has 0x46 entries.

Quote originally posted by Quilava's Master:
This is beyond incredible. I definitely wish to implement this in Shattered Dreams. What I love most is how easy it is to understand for anyone who's ever worked with a hex editor! Many thanks Knizz! But I do have a question regarding the ash grass. Will it work in accordance with the "Soot Sack" item in the same vein as it did in RSE?

Note: I would have tested this myself before asking but my laptop is out of commission right now.
I have no idea. I think this ash-grass doesn't even have pokemon encounters so it's at least broken in ONE way.

Quote originally posted by shiny quagsire:
On the topic of animation ids, could you make a new tile that animates when stepped on?
Can? Yes! Want? If you pay me. I can give you a few tips though if you're serious about it. Contact me via email, PN, MSN or IRC.
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