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Originally Posted by shiny quagsire View Post
Also, about the forms earlier, I once made seasonal forms for a specific pokemon by changing the sprite based on the RTC. I lost the source somehow, but I could dig it back up sometime. Or, a different approach could be to use the animation system. I made it so animations could vary from pokemon to pokemon, so I could add a check for forms, and load a different animation that shows a specific form.
I have some ideas for simple sprite varying formes, as they aren't hard to do in any way. At the end of the day, the Unown are simply differing formes of the same Pokémon, so we can easily copy the routines for the Unown, bend them to suit our purposes (check genders/held items and such) and load the appropriate sprite for the result of the check.

However, formes with differing TYPES are going to be an absolute B***H to do. From what I can tell, the type data is not stored in the Pokémon's data, but is loaded from the Pokémon data tables dynamically as it's needed. This means that we will need to create literally hundreds of new routines which run the same checks as the sprite ones above to try to force different typing on different formes.

Is it really worth doing this...?
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