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Originally Posted by Chairman Kaga View Post
I saw part of your question in the DCC first so check there, but I'll answer the other things you asked here. The only Final Fantasy available on both 360 and PS3 is XIII, with XI (which is an online game instead of the traditional style of Final Fantasy game) also playable on 360.

PS2 games can only be played on the original "phat" model of PS3. The 20GB and 60GB models are fully compatible with PS2 games, whereas the 80GB uses spotty and imperfect emulation. However, these models have not been sold in stores for years and are very expensive in the secondhand market. All "Slim" PS3s (120, 250, and 320 GB models) can't play PS2 games at all, but can play PS1 games.
Danggit, I was hoping to buy an entire collection of them :/

Thanks for the replies tho!
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