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Quote originally posted by Outlawed:
I dropped Tangrowth for Celebi.
Its doing mean things to several teams. Team hasn't lost to anyteam, including weather since the change. However, the Calm Minding slowbro lacks Slack Off and with regenerator + lefties seems to survive long enough to make a difference.

The only real 'issue' is that I lack a physical attacker after Mamoswine dies, so this team might loose stall wars.
Calm Mind was meant to be > Flamethrower, not Slack Off. I want to know how you've functioned so far with a non-recovery Slowbro. XD;

One other thing is that you must be absolutely careful if you see a Scizor on the opponent's team - if they've got a way to eliminate Skarmory (ie Magnezone) you're pretty much railed by SD Scizor. ;o;
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