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Originally Posted by Outlawed View Post
I didn't say it counter its, but it being on the team makes it harder for Scizor to do its thing. (Come in on a BP and commence to kill it).

It is true about Ferro, most of the time it ends up coming in on me after seeing a Psychic.
But yes. Scizor can be an issue to this team.
Yeah, but Scizor isn't gonna be firing a BP at anything but Mamoswine on your team. XD; Really, as long as you have Skarm, you don't have any troubles with it so we can kinda drop that. I just wanted to mention that you don't have any backup checks to it really save Slowbro who is a pretty shifty backup check to Scizor because it has a pretty strong STAB super-effective attack on it. Just wanted to shoot you a notion to be careful. :)

You're right and I've even caught myself doing that sometimes - Ferrothorn is easy to bring in on Slowbro once you see Psychic (since it's easy to assume that all Slowbros are Scald/Slack Off/Psychic/filler) so you win there with Flamethrower. Keep in mind though, without Calm Mind your team is essentially swept by CM Reuniclus.