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Quote originally posted by DashBlacK:
Hey guys!

I am new to the forums here. I have been searching on Google and PC for FireRed 386 since Friday like 2 hours everyday and cannot find it. So I give up and request help from members of PC. Please share with me the link to an official thread of FR 386 if there is one or if anyone could share the download link with me.

Hope you can help

What is Fire Red 386? If it is a ROM there is an Emulation board here. Someone might be able to provide an answer via PM.

Quote originally posted by Seeds Horizon:
Ah, is that a ROM or hack? If so, no ones allowed to give st00f like that out D:.

Also, in my Emerald, my Grovyle is getting totally owned by Brawlys Fighting types (Its been ages since I played third generation, so its still like back when I first opened up my Ruby XD), is there any Pokemon nearby, like a Ralts or something that can do a little damage on his team that I can train up..Really dont feel like overleveling my Grovyle to take out one measly gym D:.

I would return to Petlesburg and capture either a wingull or Taillow. A ralts is a fine choice as well, but takes patience to encounter as they are rare. Taillow and Wingull are a dime a dozen.

Personally I always skip Brawly until I am on my way back for Norman, by then I am beast compared to him.

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