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Quote originally posted by Outlawed:
It can't 3HKO me with Modest max SpA.
With 1 CM it still can't 2HKO me with Modest max SpA.
With 2 CM's it barely can 2HKO me.

In other words, if I come in on it as it sets up a calm mind, I need to start hitting it and hope it doesn't carry recover.

CM Reuniclus is the bane of this team =o

The only way to 'deal' with it, is to hope to have my hazards set up, and have Mamoswine come in and finish it off.
CM Reuniclus runs 252hp/252def Bold, with a moveset of Psychic/HP Fight/Recover/CM. It doesn't need Modest max SpA because it already has a fantastic base 125 SpA which at +6 mauls everything anyway. Its not affected by hazards nor Toxic damage so you literally can't do anything except try to whack it with EQ with Mamoswine the first turn it's out. It can just recover off Seismic Toss and non-crit damage. You literally have to rely on luck and critting Reuniclus to beat it out.

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