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Like with all regions, beginning trainers in beginning towns had a small little path full of little pokemon to battle that would take only a day or two to travel if on foot or a few hours by bus or car. This town had its route, but it wasn’t quite so little.

Shirk City led into a mountain area with nearly a hundred different cliffs and paths that various rock and ground pokemon could hide away in or over their prey. The entrance to the route started at the beginning of a hill where it slowly went higher. If one wanted to get off the main path, one had to physically climb to different areas. While little man made paths had been made, mud slides, pokemon or just other people destroyed them in the end.

The name of this route was simply named Rocky Hills. A stupid name but went straight to the point. Obviously people had little to no imagination.

The walk from the lab to Rocky Hills would have taken a little under an hour. So Shaun took the bus, much like a few of his other fellow trainers. It took a little under twenty minutes to get there.

“Have a good day,” the big bellied bus driver grunted, opening the door to let off whoever was ready to get off. The bus stop was right on the edge of town, a five minute walk from right where the path started or ended, depending on how you came from it.

Shaun got off quickly. He had sat next to a window, lucky to get a seat when most of the bus was full, but an elderly woman that smelled suspiciously like Skitty’s and pee had sat next to him. It was enough to almost make him barf.

“Some people got a head start,” one boy said mournfully, jumping off right after Shaun.

About seven other trainers had gotten on the bus with him, having to wait a bit. They had missed the first one and had to wait an additional thirty minutes for one of the buses to get there. Most of the earlier trainers had gotten on, but there were always those supposed hardcore ones that were walking to Rocky Hills, not believing that short cuts – such as cars or any motor vehicles – should be used. At least not for such a short distance. Shaun didn’t give a ****, but what saved him an extra hour of walking was ok by him.

“Hey…” one voice said hesitatingly, and it took a moment for Shaun to realize that he was being talked to.

His head turned, body lax and hands stuffed in his pocket. His half smoked cigarette was resting over his ear. He had managed to smoke through two and had started his third before the bus came. Shaun wasn’t much of a chain smoker, but damn Mew he needed something.

“Yea?” He eyed the sandy blond boy. He was a lanky thing. Taller than Shaun by a lot and Shaun was six foot, but had that sort of scrawny muscle that came from outdoor activities rather than working out or going through puberty. “Whaddya want?”

“Is it true that you’re really a rehab reject?”

Shaun snorted. The boy looked truly curious. Kind of like a Sentret that wanted to explore every nook and cranny without fear of danger. “That’s what they say,” he muttered, taking his unfinished cigarette and relighting it. He started walking again.

“Wh-Hey!” The boy ran after him, not listening to the calls of the others calling him back. “What did you do?”

Shaun gave the boy a brief glance from out of the corner of his eye. “Ain’t really any of yur business, is it?” he drawled.

“No, I guess not,” the boy said honestly, not sounding like he particularly cared. He had a care free sort of voice and shot Shaun a grin. “But there’s no way you’d still be addicted to anything right now, is there?”

Shaun looked up at the sky. Addicted to something? Well, he was addicted to punching people in the face when they bugged him too much. “It’s the point, ain’t it?” he said, just throwing it out there. “Send addicted bastards like me out and see how long we last.”

The boy gave him a quizzical glance. “No, I mean…”

“Save it,” Shaun interrupted. “I don’t really care since I’m here now.” He sneered bitterly as the hill started to get steeper.

His converse shoes kicked at a few loose pebbles towards some of the trainers who were running past him to get ahead or start climbing up the ridges and cliffs that were forming. From this angle, he could see the mountain really starting to form and could see how high it could reach. Not too high. Small for a mountain, but a bit big for an overgrown hill.

The boy cleared his throat awkwardly. “Er, well, I’m James.” He held out his hand.

Shaun didn’t take it.

“And you’re Shaun.”

“No, I’m Jimmy.”

“But I heard…”

“Sarcasm, genius.” Shaun sighed heavily and stamped hard on the cigarette with a little more force than necessary. “Did you want anything else?”

“Er, not really,” the boy said lamely before brightening. “Oh! How about a battle!”


“Aw, come on. A trainer can’t say no to a challenge.”

“I did.”

“You can’t be sore about that last battle, are you? Everyone loses thei—”

James was brutally cut off as Shaun swirled around grabbed the tall boy by his shirt and bent his neck at an award angle to stare straight into his eyes. It might look strange or even funny if an onlooker were to have seen, but there was nothing funny about Shaun’s murderous expression or James’s horrified look.

“Let’s get one thing straight,” Shaun grit out, lip curled and teeth clenched in anger. “I don’t like people. Ever. I don’t like talking to them, or even looking at them, and being in this situation makes me hate people a lot more than usual. So unless you got somethin’ important to say, say it and get lost!”

James drew back quickly, the grip on his shirt finally gone and he stumbled back a few steps. “I-I was just trying to get to know you,” he said pitifully.

“I’m not like you,” Shaun said coldly. “I’m not here to make something out of myself, I’m not here on the dream adventure and I’m most definitely not here to make friends.” He turned away. “Now beat it.”

James stared after the dark dressed boy, anger finally showing when the dangerous other was further away. “I’m sure you won’t be thinking that when night falls! Plenty of dangerous pokemon at night, and no one will come to help you!”

Shaun ignored the boy. That was what he was good at, after all, ignoring others. He did his own thing, because when it came down to it, all he cared about was himself.

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