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Quote originally posted by dragonomega:

Wait what. Tyranitar with Fire Blast for Slowbro. <_< You're not gonna be taking out Slowbro's with Fire Blast. :x

Misunderstanding. Meant Tyranitar > Slowbro. :(

Replacing Slowbro with Tyranitar may also give you more of an issue with Conkeldurr who can come in on Tyranitar, Bulk Up and truck Skarmory a bit with Drain Punch before you can WW away. I believe at +2 it's draining back more health from Skarm than you're doing with Brave Bird, too. It's worth a try, though, since it's not a near-100% chance you'll lose (I mean, without hax of course!) like it is with Reuniclus right now. :<