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Originally Posted by Conjurer View Post
Now that you mention it...

Rotom-W has a bit of offense against Ferrothorn stuck onto it but with the Rain in effect I doubt it 2HKOs...if it does though, it serves as a Ferrothorn check at full HP.

Also, Ludicolo's the premiere stallmon of Gen5 Rain, due to Leech Seed + Rain Dish + Leftovers = 1/4 recovery each turn. This means infinite substitute, and it can force a lot of switches and even pull off a "sweep" late game.
I don't think there's much of a chance for it to even 3HKO in rain which is set up by Politoed soooo. :/

Thing with Ludicolo is that you're assuming it has free turns to set up Leech Seed and Sub. Its typing is too bad for it to be able to effectively set up a Sub on anything but idk CB Dugtrio locked on Sucker Punch/EQ & similarly weak stuff. And even if it does, it's too slow to be able to abuse Sub + Protect or whatever effectively. It's not very defensively proficient as far as base stats, either. The concept & theory is good, execution not so much. Plus, it's complete set-up bait for anything with Taunt or Substitute. :/