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Originally Posted by Vrai View Post
I don't think there's much of a chance for it to even 3HKO in rain which is set up by Politoed soooo. :/

Thing with Ludicolo is that you're assuming it has free turns to set up Leech Seed and Sub. Its typing is too bad for it to be able to effectively set up a Sub on anything but idk CB Dugtrio locked on Sucker Punch/EQ & similarly weak stuff. And even if it does, it's too slow to be able to abuse Sub + Protect or whatever effectively. It's not very defensively proficient as far as base stats, either. The concept & theory is good, execution not so much. Plus, it's complete set-up bait for anything with Taunt or Substitute. :/
It might not promote much at first glance, but when grass-types and heavy damage dealers are all taken care of, there's nothing that can stop it. Of course, the problem is removing those threats, and in a way I agree with you.

I've finally thought of something to handle Ferrothorn lol. Standard CB Azumarill hits ridiculously hard with Waterfall in rain, and Aqua Jet is a solid priority. Superpower OHKOs 252/252 Ferrothorn, and it's one of the top counters to SS, which would provide a lot of trouble for this team.
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