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Just a random thought from a relatively new member - I find the majority of the forum intimidating, not particular members but theres no way I will start a thread unless I'm completely and utterly certain it will comply with the rules, which is rare.

It seems that every 1 thread out of 10 gets locked or moved. I do understand why this is as I ran a successful forum for a couple of years and I know how desperately staff try to keep a forum tidy etc etc but I have never seen it quite so bad on any other forum I have been on (including forums the same size and bigger). I don't want to go making threads, starting new conversations, purely because I dont want to end up looking like a complete idiot or being warned by staff for making a thread I wasn't supposed to.

Like I said, just a random thought from a newbie for you, more geared to the entire forum but I highly doubt that I'm the only person who feels the same way. Apologies if this is completely irrelevant to the topic >.<
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