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Originally Posted by dragonomega View Post
Updated my main post. :P

Scizor pretty much nails Reuniclus with +2 Bug Bite, if I find that this set isn't doing good, I'll try the CB set.
Well, Reuniclus is never gonna come in on Scizor. :P I meant, say Reuniclus comes in on idk Chansey. You switch Chansey out to Scizor to take the Psychic, and then next turn they switch in Skarmory while you SD up. You're forced to switch out regardless at that point, meaning you gained very little momentum unless you were gonna be ballsy and double switch out of Scizor into Thundurus. My point was that Scizor has some hard checks in stuff like Jellicent and Skarmory, and you can take advantage of those with CB and U-turn. You're definitely open to using SD, though; I just figured with your team build CB might be a better option, letting you shift around and force your opponent into a misprediction.