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Originally Posted by ShinySalamence888 View Post
Cheers for all the rates and advice everyone, really appreciate it! :) As of now I'm planning on replacing Ferrothorn for Fortress, perhaps make it my lead and switch Gliscor for the poison heal Gliscor Vrai mentioned ^ But I'd like to keep U-Turn 'cos I know most things carry HP ice or just an ice attack on them and I can scout with him.

I'm definatly replacing Gallade, I only picked him out in the first place because I thought he had decent speed but that doesnt seem to be the case. -_- I don't know whether Bulk up Conkeldurr or SD Lucario would fit best though. Thanks again guys you've helped alot! :)
Ehhh well most things that carry HP Ice (like randomly Mienshao, Landorus, etc) outspeed Gliscor anyway. It'd be better to use Protect to scout for HP Ice, imo. :3